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After acknowledging your need to remove VBA password when you forget that password and become unable to view or edit the resource rules of your VBA projects in Word or Excel or PowerPoint? After a careful research, we found out that this need often generates in the situations where you forget your VBA project password and face trouble. Considering this need of yours, we have developed a solution called VBA Password Remover.

VBA password remover

Recover VBA Password from Word, Excel and PowerPoint: You can remove VBA password and get a new one in place of it easily using our VBA Password Recovery software, which is user-friendly tool. Using our VBA Password Recovery software, you can easily retrieve VBA password from the following MS Office utilities:

  • It is possible to recover VBA password Excel
  • It is possible to recover VBA password Word
  • It is possible to recover VBA password PowerPoint

Exact Process of Unlock VBA Password

Following points explain stepwise our exact process performed to help you retrieve VBA password:

  • Our software scans your protected VBA files
  • Resets your original VBA password
  • Overwrites it with a newly created password
  • New password is assigned to the VBA file so that you can unlock VBA password from MS office files
  • Fresh password becomes your new working password for that file

Download Free VBA Password Remover Software

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Test the Product FREE of Cost – Demo Version : Here is a facility to test the product before you buy it. This facility of downloading the demo version of our VBA Password Recovery software is free of charge and is intended to give you a clear picture about what exactly you are going to buy. FREE Demo Version of Advance VBA Password software will only saw the first 2 fibers of your changed password.

Get FULL Version to Get FULL VBA Password : For complete remove VBA password to see your all fibers of the modified VBA password, you need our VBA Password Remover software (its Full Licensed Edition).

Key Features of VBA Password Remover Software

Our Product Features: Following are some significant features that make our VBA Password Remover software stand out:

  • Possible to Remove multilingual passwords
  • Possible to Remove VBA password of any length
  • Possible to copy removed passwords to clipboard or file
  • Possible to remove VBA password from .xla files of PowerPoint, .doc files of Word, and .xls files of Excel
  • Possible to get support of original VBA (Virtual Basic Applications) project file

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